Roundhouse Wheels

Discover the perfect balance of grip and slick maneuverability with our premium selection of surfskate wheels. In the world of surfskating, where the reliance on wheel traction is paramount for executing precise carves and cutbacks, our wheels elevate your performance.

Choose from our 78a-81a Mag and Concave assortment, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled grip and projection out of every turn. These wheels provide the extra traction you need to fully lean into carves and execute maneuvers without the fear of sliding out. Our commitment to design excellence encompasses everything from functional shapes to cutting-edge formulas, ensuring that our wheels deliver the performance you crave, allowing you to rip with confidence.

While our new 65mm Slick wheels are the epitome of controlled slides and smooth rides. Featuring a slightly rounded lip and strategically reduced contact patch, these wheels provide an easier and more controlled slide for enhanced maneuverability. With a 83A durometer, the slightly harder formula creates a seamless breakaway point when releasing the tail, enabling more aggressive frontside and backside snaps and slashes.