C7 Spring
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New for 2022, we’ve reduced the weight rating on the C7 Spring from 800 lbs to 550 lbs, so you now get more lower end adjustment for looser carving and easier pumping, while still having plenty of stiffer tension for tighter performance adjustments. We make our custom Spring out of Rocket Wire, the best aerospace material we could find for the longest continuous use possible. We also go to the extra steps of peening the surface, which is a way to polish the surface so there are no minute cracks that can grow over time and contribute to Spring failure, and we lightly oil them to prevent surface rust that also shortens duty cycle. We recommend that you use a liberal amount of Marine Grease during installation (it’s what we use at the factory) or a high quality bicycle bearing grease for quiet and long-lasting action.

  • Components: 1 pc Spring