Jake Davis, aka The Bull, has been coming up through the ranks and really turning heads in the lineup. His brother is phenom Luke Davis, and this has not daunted him one bit. In fact, it has inspired him to push his own envelope even more. His approach is that of a wrecking ball; his bigger build allows for strong maneuvers and performance in large surf. And he tempers that power with control, making for an explosive combination. He goes out, catches good waves, and demolishes them. His dynamic backhand assault has proven to be a consistent threat to competitors.

He is not the quiet, shy type, just the opposite. He’s a bit brash, which translates into a strong belief in his ability, and because its backed up by real talent, it gives him that extra competitive edge. And to round him out, his strong work ethic and professionalism are growing his success as a sponsored athlete. All in all, Jake Davis has been coming into his own lately, no longer the classic up-and-comer gremmie. But he’s still as fired up as they come, and it shows in the progression of his surfing and skating. So when you see a powerful towhead flying down the line at Lowers calling you off, it’s a good bet that’s Jake. If you do, say hi from us.