GRLSWIRL is a modern-retro all-female stoke-chasing community focused on bringing femininity and an inclusive California girl lifestyle to the skate scene. The group was formed in February 2018 by Lucy Osinski, and is now over 120 members strong. Lucy was a fairly new skater who didn’t fit the typical skateboarder mold, but learned how to surfskate through her boyfriend and fell in love with how liberating and empowering skating felt. Very quickly she realized the unwanted attention she had attracted from being a feminine woman skating alone. So, she “started recruiting other women to join me in hopes of finding more comfort in numbers.” She wasn’t just sharing the streets with other ladies, but she was sharing the empowerment and freedom that she found from skateboarding. Suddenly they were a force, not a minority, and they all felt it revolutionary. GRLSWIRL has bi-monthly skate sessions to welcome new members into the crew, skate, and have a good time. We are thrilled to be swirling with the GRLSWIRL squad!

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