Ventura, CA | July 14-15

Every summer in Ventura the Surf Rodeo comes to Pierpont in Ventura, CA. In classic western style, the community was out in full force to enjoy the beautifully breezy summer weekend. The music festival had people groovin’, the food kept people movin’, and our skateboards kept people cruisin’!

Our Ventura grom squad was out in full force, and showing the crowd how to surf the streets.

Our setup comprised of our new DriveWaves riding terrain that we are in the process of prototyping using some Freshpark ramp parts, customized for the perfect, mellow surfskate terrain. New for this event is the air section extension in the middle of the ramp, with a bit steeper transition to launch from.

Catalina and Logan putting the new air section to good use, getting some reps in. The 32.25″ Bel Air C5 was a ramp favorite over the weekend!

Mac opting for a classic surfskate, the 29″ Swallow CX, for some surf-training on the DriveWaves. The waves and wind weren’t cooperating during the event, but the concrete wave was pumping nonstop!

Stoked our @GRLSWIRL family came out to shred, hang, and encourage other girls to get out there! @GRLSWIRL founder Lucy and co-founder Lindsey, showing us how to swirl.

Thanks for riding with us!