Yago Dora is an up-and-coming phenom from Florianopolis, Brazil, and one of the latest additions to The Brazilian Storm. You may recognize him from last part in Volcom’s Psychic Migrations, or going huge with his airs, aggressive barrel riding, and solid power surfing. He is most known for clips and video parts, but is now making competition a focus during 2016. His father, Leandro Dora, is a Brazilian surfing legend and WCT coach, so it was only natural for Yago to get his start at 11 years old. On a surf trip in Mexico when Yago was just 12, and the youngest on the trip, a pack of goats passed his group, and someone pointed to a goat that looked just like Yago. Everyone laughed at seeing the resemblance, so his nickname -the Skinny Goat – has stuck ever since.

A natural skater, from the first time he rode a Carver he connected with the power and flow of the board, and began working with us to dial in a shape and template that captured the feeling he wanted. Carver is proud to sponsor such a fun loving and generous spirit, who shares his stoke wherever he goes.