Tyler Hatzikian is one of the modern day traditional longboard culture carriers. The father of Singlefin Yellow, with over 30-years of commitment to improving his skills both as a shaper and glasser, Tyler’s surfboards have developed a reputation of being iconic on their own. Based in El Segundo down the street from Carver’s factory, the South Bay was the first true “Surf City”, the epicenter of the 1960’s surf culture by being the central ground and birthplace for surfboard manufacturing. At that time, the South Bay housed five of the world’s biggest companies: Velzy, Jacob’s, Bing, Greg Noll, Dewey Weber and Rick. This is the era Tyler identifies as the starting point in his own progression of classic longboard surfboard designs. Tyler’s design is both traditional and progressive, a bridge between smooth longboard trimming and responsive carving. We are stoked to be working alongside such a legend in his craft.