Back in August 2017, with a waiting period from the 12th until the 20th, the Lacanau Pro QS 1500 was in full effect in Lacanau, France.

The surf contest was exciting, the activities were fun for everyone, and the vibes were all time. Carver France made the fans and locals super happy, by bringing tons of boards for on site demoing, coaching, and dialing-in setups throughout the event.

Thanks to Carver France for spreading the stoke, and stay tuned for the next Carver demo near you!

Marc Lacomare handling a critical section. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

Dean Bowen showing us where 12 o’clock is. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

Kirra Pinkerton, down the line with speed to burn. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

This is my skateboard. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Taking notes on a backhand snap – even the smallest of driveways can be super fun.

Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Like father, like daughter. Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Punchy, offshore barrels. Yes please. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

We were all there once – first time sliding sideways. Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Throwing buckets! Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

It’s important to try out all sorts of different equipment to find your perfect setup.

Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

That feeling of rail-to-rail is what it’s all about. Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

See you next year! Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet