Sustainable Surf is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based out of Los Angeles with a mission to be the catalyst that transforms surf culture into a powerful force for protecting the ocean playground, and protect they do. Carver has joined forces in Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project, around the Proteus by Carver Proteus surfboard.

The ECOBOARD Project program provides the surfing industry with the first, independent third party, consumer-facing “eco-label” for surfboards. It is designed to help consumers choose a high-performance sustainable surfboard made with the latest advancements in green chemistry and renewable materials, which can dramatically reduce the surfboard’s ecological impact. It is a science-based program that provides a simple “benchmark” for materials that offer significant environmental and worker health benefits. The ECOBOARD Project has been endorsed for use by the Surf Industries Manufacturers Association (SIMA) and is now being adopted by many of the world’s leading surfboard brands including Channel Islands, Lost, Firewire, Stretch, T. Patterson, Carver Skateboards, and more.

We love surfing, but we love Earth even more, and the way surfboards have traditionally been made has a cost to the environment!

Markofoam is a family-run business in Southern California that is Made in USA at molding facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah. Carver’s Proteus Surfboard features Marko’s Envirofoam which is an innovative technology which allows all types of EPS regrind (not just surfboard scraps) to be made into a high grade, moldable material and be put back into production again – like the EPS foam that comes in sandals or shoebox packaging!

Entropy Resins makes materials that balance performance and environmental sustainability, and is a leader in bio-based epoxy resins with a lower environmental impact. Carver’s Proteus Surfboard features Entropy’s Super Sap, a plant-based carbon resin that is far cleaner and safer to work with than traditional petroleum based carbon made from co-products and waste products of other industrially important processes.