Carver Skateboards is pumped to be shredding with @GRLSWIRL, a group of highly stoked females whose purpose in uniting is to get more women skating, to support each other while doing it, and to learn, laugh and fall like frothing groms along the way. Any skill, any age – just positive vibes, it’s the stoke that counts. A recap of the party through the voice of GRLSWIRL member, Monroe Alvarez below.

“Man oh man… where do we even start? GRLSWIRL is now official. Last Saturday in old school Venice fashion in a back alley way, we had our official GRLSWIRL (@grlswirl)┬álaunch party – hugely thanks to the support of our friends at Carver.

Two blocks from the newly gentrified Abbot Kinney Blvd, you’d find us keeping the Venice vibes alive in an alley driveway, old retro furniture laid out in front of a 1978 vintage van tagged GRLSWIRL, a Carver wave ramp, coffee stand, organic vegan food, tea booth, whiskey bar and loads of retro coolers filled with beer.

We had hundreds of people coming in and out all day, skating on our epic Carver ramp and dancing to incredible music. Our DJ was even spinning actual records! Imagine that. Our band was so vibey, everyone begged them to keep playing all night- and they did.

The energy that was floating around this party was unlike anything we have felt in a long time. The beauty of Venice is that we have this amazing little community that is built upon the idea of skating, bike riding, little alley ways and backyard parties. Connecting and growing together in this every changing city of mayhem. It is its own little oasis within Los Angeles that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Unfortunately over time, Venice has lost a little of its magic due to everything that is being built here over the past few years. However, at our party, we caught a glimpse of the authentic Venice, the Venice that we all crave and love.

Here we are, a group of girls who have this vision of bringing a community together through our love for skating. None of us are lifelong skaters, nor do we ‘shred,’ but we love jumping on a board and enjoing ourselves. We have all experienced the intimidation of skating and we want to break down those walls and create an inviting hub for people to join the world of skating.

Carver has been by our side since day one, giving us training lessons every week and being our official GRLSWIRL sponsor. At the party, their mini ramp was the sole energy creator of the whole day. People entered our party and jumped on a board and took turns riding the ramp, whether they knew how to skate or not! Even the King of Carver himself, Neil was there showing us all how a Carver can really move. It was epic!!

With the original intention of ending the party at 9PM, it ended up going until 2AM! For those of your who came, thank you so much for the support! For those of you who missed it this time, there will be another one!”


– Monroe Alvarez, GRLSWIRL


Photos courtesy of Ethan Lovell