When we met the founders of Bureo, we fell in love with their mission for saving the oceans by creating the world’s first commecial fishing net recycling program, and providing a way to keep discarded nets from harming marine life and polluting our oceans. Working together to make the common plastic skateboard a truly functional surf performance machine, Carver helped design a wider, longer and stronger board, combined it with our CX Mini trucks and made it a long-lasting, high-performance, waterproof surfskate that supports a greener future for generations to come.

The way they do this is through the NetPlus program: creating a positive impact since 2013, over 185,000 kg of NetPlus materials have been collected to date from 26 participating communities in Chile. Aligned with end-of-life incentives, these collections have financed seven community projects supporting sustainable development in coastal communities. In addition, Bureo provides contributions to non-profit partners through the 1% For The Planet Network, and remains actively involved in the global fight against plastic pollution.

Bureo’s process is: 1) Net Collection of discarded fishing nets collected from coastal communities in Chile, 2) Cleaning + Packing of the nets, separated by material type and organized for transport, 3) Recycling, the prepared materials are shredded and melted into NetPlus recycled pellets, and 4) Product Innovation, when the pellets are formed into quality products, built for a lifetime of use with end of life solutions, including the 27″ Ahi surfskate complete.