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Ventura, CA | July 14-15

Every summer in Ventura the Surf Rodeo comes to Pierpont in Ventura, CA. In classic western style, the community was out in full force to enjoy the beautifully breezy summer weekend. The music festival had people groovin’, the food kept people movin’, and our skateboards kept people cruisin’!

Our Ventura grom squad was out in full force, and showing the crowd how to surf the streets.

Our setup comprised of our new DriveWaves riding terrain that we are in the process of prototyping using some Freshpark ramp parts, customized for the perfect, mellow surfskate terrain. New for this event is the air section extension in the middle of the ramp, with a bit steeper transition to launch from.

Catalina and Logan putting the new air section to good use, getting some reps in. The 32.25″ Bel Air C5 was a ramp favorite over the weekend!

Mac opting for a classic surfskate, the 29″ Swallow CX, for some surf-training on the DriveWaves. The waves and wind weren’t cooperating during the event, but the concrete wave was pumping nonstop!

Stoked our @GRLSWIRL family came out to shred, hang, and encourage other girls to get out there! @GRLSWIRL founder Lucy and co-founder Lindsey, showing us how to swirl.

Thanks for riding with us!


Truck Stop, Culver City, CA

“Go Skateboarding Day is an official annual holiday that is held on the longest day of Summer, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice. It became an official holiday in 2004 by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) as a way of making skateboarding more accessible. Events honoring skateboarding are held in major cities all around the world. In proper Southern California style, we knew we wanted to get the GRLSWIRL community together to thrown down and skate. So naturally we teamed up with our Carver family to celebrate the special occasion.

Location, Location, Location. We are very fortunate to have some pretty rad friends doing amazing things around Los Angeles. Not too far from Venice in Culver City, our friend Mitchell Collier recently opened The Truck Stop. The Truck Stop aims to ‘create a space that is part permanent, part rotational, offering different experiences from morning to late night.’ The venue was ideal for our first Go Skateboarding Day event. With its large freshly paved parking lot perfect for skating, all we needed was Carver’s DriveWave ramps to get the party started.

The Truck Stop, provided live music and drinks and our GRLSWIRL community provided the groovy skate vibes. We had over 60 girls and guys, of all ages ride the DriveWaves. Our new friend Mike Benna, who recently moved to Venice from Truckee, California , captured some epic moments for us on his Hi-8 cam corder. The footage highlights all the laughs and stylish skating that was on display throughout the night, YouTube video above.

After hours of skating into the night it was time to breakdown the DriveWaves. Peter and I, with the help of a few others, had to barricade the wave to get people to stop skating! The way our growing community shows up is what makes our events so special and what made this Go Skate Day a huge success. Thanks to all for stopping by!” – Lindsey Klucik, GRLSWIRL member


Carver Skateboards is pumped to be shredding with @GRLSWIRL, a group of highly stoked females whose purpose in uniting is to get more women skating, to support each other while doing it, and to learn, laugh and fall like frothing groms along the way. Any skill, any age – just positive vibes, it’s the stoke that counts. A recap of the party through the voice of GRLSWIRL member, Monroe Alvarez below.

“Man oh man… where do we even start? GRLSWIRL is now official. Last Saturday in old school Venice fashion in a back alley way, we had our official GRLSWIRL (@grlswirl) launch party – hugely thanks to the support of our friends at Carver.

Two blocks from the newly gentrified Abbot Kinney Blvd, you’d find us keeping the Venice vibes alive in an alley driveway, old retro furniture laid out in front of a 1978 vintage van tagged GRLSWIRL, a Carver wave ramp, coffee stand, organic vegan food, tea booth, whiskey bar and loads of retro coolers filled with beer.

We had hundreds of people coming in and out all day, skating on our epic Carver ramp and dancing to incredible music. Our DJ was even spinning actual records! Imagine that. Our band was so vibey, everyone begged them to keep playing all night- and they did.

The energy that was floating around this party was unlike anything we have felt in a long time. The beauty of Venice is that we have this amazing little community that is built upon the idea of skating, bike riding, little alley ways and backyard parties. Connecting and growing together in this every changing city of mayhem. It is its own little oasis within Los Angeles that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Unfortunately over time, Venice has lost a little of its magic due to everything that is being built here over the past few years. However, at our party, we caught a glimpse of the authentic Venice, the Venice that we all crave and love.

Here we are, a group of girls who have this vision of bringing a community together through our love for skating. None of us are lifelong skaters, nor do we ‘shred,’ but we love jumping on a board and enjoing ourselves. We have all experienced the intimidation of skating and we want to break down those walls and create an inviting hub for people to join the world of skating.

Carver has been by our side since day one, giving us training lessons every week and being our official GRLSWIRL sponsor. At the party, their mini ramp was the sole energy creator of the whole day. People entered our party and jumped on a board and took turns riding the ramp, whether they knew how to skate or not! Even the King of Carver himself, Neil was there showing us all how a Carver can really move. It was epic!!

With the original intention of ending the party at 9PM, it ended up going until 2AM! For those of your who came, thank you so much for the support! For those of you who missed it this time, there will be another one!”


– Monroe Alvarez, GRLSWIRL


Photos courtesy of Ethan Lovell


On December 16th, 2017, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Carver Skateboards, Longboarding for Peace, Concrete Wave, Loaded Longboards, Bustin Boards, Kebbek Skateboards, and a crowd of volunteers came together in San Diego for The 9th Annual Gun Buyback.

It was a crisp, cool morning in San Diego, with officers, volunteers, and a holiday spirit in the air. With Akins Ave shut down for the event, cars would enter the north end of the block and eventually a long line built up.

Special thanks to the San Diego Sheriffs and SWAT for handling the weaponry – the same crew of officers has been helping out with this same event for the past several years.

Young and old, men and women, the donors came in all different colors, ages, races and genders, each with a unique story to tell. Some with as simple a story as inheriting a parent’s weapon, and having no need or use for it, while others had far more heartwrenching stories. One mother donated a weapon her child used to commit suicide just a couple weeks prior.

By mid-morning cars were lined up around the block, and we rushed to keep the line moving as we gave out skateboards as fast as we could. During a rare lull an officers had a chance to ride one of the boards, tic tacking his way around the pavement. Then one of the SWAT officers set up some cones and showed us his style!

A couple of the events’ volunteers also jumped onto a skateboard, for the first time in decades since their rehabilitation.

A few of the donors were lucky enough to get their skateboards signed by two of the men responsible for this Gun Buyback program, Dennis Martinez and Harvey Hawks. Thank you both for your commitment to the cause and tremendous efforts.

Many of the weapons were handguns, some small enough to fit in your pocket. There were also numerous rifles and shot guns. Others were dangerous semi-automatic rifles and sawed-off shotguns. Removing them from unsecured homes means that they will never injure or kill anyone, making those homes safer for the residents.

Mac 10 semi-automatic rifle, an instrument of war better suited for the battlefield than the backyard.

In the end, The 9th Annual Gun Buyback removed 179 weapons from the streets, and 89 skateboards were given out to start working their magic in the neighborhoods.


On September 30, the first-ever Surfskate Contest on the Carver Wave Bank was run at C Street in Ventura, CA. We joined forces with the long running C Street Classic, hosted by the great folks with Ventura Surf Club.

It was a crisp fall morning, with not much power in the water – so the Wave Bank was greatly appreciated with the groms. We had fans traveling in from all over the state for the opportunity to shred the Wave Bank front and center at the renowned Surfers’ Point in Ventura. The weather was amazing, and the vibes were all time – thanks to all those who came out, entered the contest, and ripped the Wave Bank!


Girls’ 13 & Under:

1st Place: Catalina Lusk

2nd: Place: Madeyln Skaar

3rd Place: Anna Hardy

4th Place: Luella Pace

Boys’ 13 & Under:

1st Place: Mac Sharp

2nd: Place: Pitas Higgins

3rd Place: Patrick Holloway

4th Place: Logan Curry

Women’s 14 & Over:

1st Place: Sophie Simin

2nd: Place: Jen Marcelo

3rd Place: Nikki Lewis

4th Place: Stephanie Wehr

Men’s 14 & Over:

1st Place: Rex Mascheroni

2nd: Place: Shane Owen

3rd Place: Riley Morgan

4th Place: Reyn Clayton

Masters’ 40 & Over:

1st Place: Ricky Schaffer

2nd Place: Marty Dural


Back in August 2017, with a waiting period from the 12th until the 20th, the Lacanau Pro QS 1500 was in full effect in Lacanau, France.

The surf contest was exciting, the activities were fun for everyone, and the vibes were all time. Carver France made the fans and locals super happy, by bringing tons of boards for on site demoing, coaching, and dialing-in setups throughout the event.

Thanks to Carver France for spreading the stoke, and stay tuned for the next Carver demo near you!

Marc Lacomare handling a critical section. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

Dean Bowen showing us where 12 o’clock is. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

Kirra Pinkerton, down the line with speed to burn. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

This is my skateboard. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Taking notes on a backhand snap – even the smallest of driveways can be super fun.

Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Like father, like daughter. Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Punchy, offshore barrels. Yes please. Photo: WSL / Laurent Masurel

We were all there once – first time sliding sideways. Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

Throwing buckets! Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

It’s important to try out all sorts of different equipment to find your perfect setup.

Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

That feeling of rail-to-rail is what it’s all about. Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet

See you next year! Photo: Carver France / Jeremy Suchet


Carver France’s Summer Tour 2017 has just come to a close,  thanks so much to everyone that joined us along the way! The tour kicked off with a launch party at La Surferie in Paris – the community came out in full force to support the tour, and good vibes were shared all around.


The Tour began with thirteen stops on the West Coast of France, before finishing up with seven stops down in the Mediterranean (entire tour schedule below). People came out and met the team, checked out new product, and of course had an awesome skate session at each stop. From tarp surfing to an entire family shredding together, there was no shortage of action to go around. French legend Vincent Duvignac dropped by the stop in Mimizan, to work on his tandem riding with his young son – see video below.

Check out moments from the Tour below:

Vibes in Paris at the Tour kick-off party, at La Surferie.

The subtleties that make your board, your board.

The French definitely know how to throw together a spread.

Shredding in Paris.

Shutting down the bar in Paris – congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone who came out to the party.

Slalom at sunset.

Dialing-in his snap.

The C2.4 is similar to the fins on your surfboard, so make it feel how you want it to!

Kris from Carver France helping to find the perfect setup.

Watch out for this Carver Crew – thanks for coming out girls.

The family that skates together stays together.

Start ’em young.

Eyeing up that backside attack.

Absolutely shacked.

French legend Vincent Duvignac showing his son the ropes.

Frothing for the weeks to come. Thanks to everyone that came out this year!

All photos by Mathieu de Michiel (@mathieudemichiel)


Côte Ouest:
03/07 – Pornichet / Ride ALL
04/07 – La Roche sur yon / Mika surf shop
05/07 – La rochelle / Neway
06/07 – Royan / Neway
07/07 – Montalivet / barik surfshop
08/07 – Bordeaux / Customind (matin)
08/07 – Biscarosse / Sea, Surf and Sun (après-midi)
09/07 – Mimizan / Endless Summer
10/07 – Messanges / Desert Point
11/07 – Seignosse / LA
12/07 – Soorts / South Central
13/07 – Biarritz / More and Less

Méditerranée :
22/07 – Perpignan / LATEST IRC
23/07 – Leucate / Surf One
24/07 – Palavas the waves / Palawai Moana
25/07 – Grau Du ROI / sup rising
26/07 – Martigues / hotmer
27/07 – Marseille / Kulture (morning)
27/07 – Six Four / Bob Corner (après-midi)


Hands-down an undisputed style master and shaper, Tyler Hatzikian’s childhood passion was race cars. As a child, Tyler’s reward for finishing all of his chores around the house was going to the track with his dad – the sooner he finished, the sooner he’d get to go watch his idols put 650 horsepower from a 1200 pound bare-bones sprint car into the dirt. For comparison, NASCAR race cars have roughly the same horsepower, but almost 3-times the weight – needless to say these sprint cars are a bit trimmer on body fat, and have the speed and torque to show for it.

Enjoy this short film by Jason Baffa for the ZIOBAFFA #LIVEAUTHENTIC series on Tyler and his passion for sprint cars and tradition.


On June 19, 2017, Carver Israel hosted the Carver Pro Netanya. As expected, it was blistering hot in the summer sun but that did not deter Israeli surfskaters one bit – water and hats were welcomed. The city was out in full force, with hundreds of spectators checking out the action. The contest was comprised of three divisions – a U14 and U18 on the Mens’ side, and this was the first event with a dedicated Open Womens’ division. Everyone was hyped to watch the girls rip and push their limits. The format was broken up into heats, with each rider having a 45 second Run to tear it up on the course, presented with an averaged score from the judging panel. The Netanya Skatepark is a transition-rich park almost meant for riding Carver, perfect for surfskate flow, but also has some gnarlier sections for riders to really put on a show.

Carver Israel’s Team represented, gracing viewers with an Expression Session with riders Omer Shoval, Amir Refaeli, Roni Galili, and Roni Garusi. Thanks to the local legends and team riders who sat on the judges panel, Michael Galansky for hosting, and Mickey Kook / Kook International for throwing an epic event.

Enjoy some coverage from the event below:

The Netanya Skatepark’s transition and flow helped contestants bring surfskate performance to the next level.

Impress these ones if you want the score! Thanks to the judges for doing their thing.

Makin’ it through da bracket!

Contest vibes – the locals were out in full force, despite the blistering heat.


The 2017 USA Surfing Championships just wrapped up on June 22, 2017 at Lower Trestles in San Onofre State Park, San Clemente, CA.  Over 200 of the nation’s best young surfers threw down for four days at the cobblestone beach just south of San Clemente. The waves were pumping, the surfers were ripping, and the competition was fierce.

This was also a big day for the organization – during the awards ceremony, USA Surfing announced it would be the National Governing Body for surfing in the United States, granting leadership by the United States Olympic Committee. This status solidifies USA Surfing’s authority as the organization responsible for developing and fielding the first U.S. Surf Team when Surfing makes its debut in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The weather opened up for the final day down at Lowers. Photo: Sean Evans/Water Works Media

The beloved Lowers ‘rock dance.’ Photo: Sean Evans/Water Works Media

Luana Silva ripping into a Lowers right. Photo: Sean Evans/Water Works Media

Today’s drone technology, giving us a new perspective on surfing. Photo: Sean Evans/Water Works Media

Results from the Championships:

1. Bettylou Sakura Johnson, HI
2. Ewe Wong, HI
3. Sawyer Lindblad, CA
4. Caitlin Simmers, CA

1. Kai Martin, HI
2. Hayden Rodgers, CA
3. Lucas Owston, CA
4. Shion Crawford, HI

1. Alyssa Spencer, CA
2. Leila Riccobuano, HI
3. Luana Silva, HI
4. Caitlin Simmers, CA

1. Jackson Bunch, HI
2. Robert Grilho III, HI
3. Taj Lindblad, CA
4. Levi Slawson, CA

1. Gabriela Bryan, HI
2. Samantha Sibley, CA
3. Caroline Marks, FL
4. Keala Tomoda Bannert, HI

1. Crosby Colapinto, CA
2. Brodi Sale, HI
3. Wyatt McHale, HI
4. Sage Tutterow, HI

1. Summer Macedo, HI
2. Gabriela Bryan, HI
3. Caroline Marks, FL
4. Savanna Stone, HI

1. Cole Houshmand, CA
2. Cody Young, HI
3. Finn McGill, HI
4. Ryland Rubens, CA


1. Scarlett Schremmer
2. Lexi Alston
3. Kali’a Alexiou
4. Kitsy Nipper

1. Noa Hopper
2. Gavin Mencinsky
3. Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen
4. Tyler Bashor

1. Derek Hamasaki
2. Jason Shanks
3. Tyler Callaway
4. Alisa Cairns

1. Izzi Gomez
2. Emmy Merrill
3. Candice Appleby
4. Lexi Alston

1. Sean Poynter
2. Giorgio Gomez
3. Daniel Hughes
4. Fisher Grant


1. Soleil Errico
2. Sally Cohen
3. Mason Schremmer
4. Kalina Jones

1. Trevor Anderberg
2. Ethan Mudge
3. Cole Quinlan
4. Ryan Conklin

1. Fritz Belmoro
2. Kyle Sumer
3. Richard Judalena
4. Jonathan Cahn

1. Richard Judalena
2. Andrea Derizans
3. Jorge Barba
4. Ronny Crumby


1. Tyler Dixon (USA Adaptive Team)
2. Rodney Roller (USA Adaptive Team)
3. Ryan Gambrell
4. Thomas Counihan

1. Colin Cook
2. Dani Burt (USA Adaptive Team)

1. Jeff Munson (USA Adaptive Team)
2. Chris Oberle
3. Alana Nichols (USA Adaptive Team)
4. Charles Webb

1. Christiaan Otter Bailey (USA Adaptive Team)
2. Jacob Pacheco
3. Zachary Tapec
4. Spike Kane

1. Jeff Andrews (USA Adaptive Team)
2.Brock Johnson
3. CC Roberts
4. Jesse Billauer

1. Scott Leason (USA Adaptive Team)

1. Terrel Rawson


MEN 18-29
1. Chad Clifton, CA
2. Jonathan Cahn, NY
3. Cody Solomon, HI
4. Brett Staska, FL

1. Haley Watson, FL
2. Salome Abeger, FL
3. Alicya Simmons, FL

1. Rick Takahashi, CA
2. Scott Shimoda, HI
3. Kelly De Rivero, FL
4. Adrien Berry CA

1. Pedro Todaro, CA
2. Aaron Witt, HI
3. Tyler Volpe, VA
4. Sean Rice, VA

1. Neil Bern, CA
2. Lance Albright, CA
3. Jeff Jesse, CA
4. Brett William Jordan, CA


We had the chance to catch up with Carver rider and South African Adaptive Surf Team member, Bruce Campbell.

CARVER: Where are you from?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: A little landlocked country in the middle of Africa, called Zimbabwe. Then I moved from Zimbabwe down to Cape Town in South Africa, this which is where I found out about surfing, and figured out that was what I
wanted to do.

CARVER: When did you start skating?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: I started skating outside the workshop at the boarding school I went to. The skateboards then were your sister’s old roller skates pulled apart and nailed to the deck.

Then I went down to Cape Town in South Africa and that’s where skating took off for me – we got a hold of some decent boards, and there was no stopping. When there was no surf, we’d be on our skateboards, bro. And that led to the natural progression of taking skating to surfing!

CARVER: So how did you get involved with Carver?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Well that’s kind of a cool story. Living in Durban, I got myself a really nice surfboard from local shaping legend, Spider Murphy. We were chatting and Spider was telling me about these new skateboards he was getting in and that I should try one. I hadn’t skateboarded in a while, brought a Carver down to the beach and I was hooked, bro. Carver came up with probably the best design in skateboards since skateboards! You took the old trucks and changed them a bit and that makes all the difference for surfers.

CARVER: Would you mind sharing more about what happened to you?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Sweet, so yeah how I became an adaptive surfer. I was young and dumb and showing off to my mates on a rock-face during a climb. Gravity took over, I went down, my legs broke with the fall, and smashed them up pretty bad. Doctors did all they could to try to save them, so we were able to save the left one, but the right one had to be taken off just below the knee. I still have my knee joint which is a huge bonus. Surfing with all these other adaptive surfers has taught me one thing,; I’m lucky bro, really lucky, there’s always somebody worse off than you. Don’t feel pity for yourself, just enjoy life!

So I went back to Cape Town, saw everyone surfing, and I knew I had to get back into the water. Back in the ’90’s, prosthetics weren’t that great, so it took me a while to find a leg that worked nicely in the water. I tried surfing a couple of times and couldn’t get it right with the leg I had on. So I took to the rivers, did a little bit of whitewater kayaking, and then the whitewater really wanted my leg and wanted to rip it off. I then went back to Durban with a kayaking mate to surf, and I was hooked again. The nice thing is that with Carver, with no waves, it’s a great way to get back on a board.


On May 14th, in Remini Torre Pedrera, Italy, the first Soul Hands Carver Contest took place at Soul Hands Art & Surfskate Festival. This is a fun, good vibes festival devoted to showcasing Italian and Californian surf culture including art, surfboards, skateboards, food, music and more. The turnout was great, the weather was epic, and the surfskating was even better!

Carver Team Rider Edoardo Papa put on a show of smooth surfskating, translating his stylish maneuvers from his own wave bank in Pescara to the Rimini Whitezu ramp, taking home the win and the big check.

Check out a few moments from the festival:

Carver Distributor Angelo Zambito and Team Rider Edoardo Papa



On May 6-7, ambulance The Boardroom show took place down at Del Mar Fairgrounds. In spite of the cold, stomach windy and raining conditions that threatened to derail the entire event, ask the turnout was amazing and the energy was electric, with thousands of surfing aficionados watching the Icons of Foam competition, perusing their favorite shaper’s booths, sharing surf culture, enjoying food, music and shredding the Carver Wave Bank.

Boardroom Show was the first event to unveil the Carver Wave Bank complete with both bowl ends. The bowl ends on the Wave Bank provide for an even more representative surfing experience, taking transition surfskating and introducing a circular flow for continuous frontside and backside cutbacks. By surfskating on transition similar to the shape of a rippable wave, you can dial-in your technique and fundamentals with a more realistic surfing simulation. We were stoked to see some familiar faces from events past, and were even more floored to see the progression that ensued.

This year’s Icons of Foam Tribute honored Al Merrick, the legendary Channel Islands Surfboard founder and shaper who needs little introduction. The shape-off competition featured 11 shapers all attempting to replicate a classic Kelly Slater surfboard, his ‘Magic Slipper’ surfboard from the 1990’s. In the end, Rex Marechal of New South Wales, Australia claimed top honors.

Thanks for coming out, and we’ll see you next year!


You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, rx build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– R. Buckminster Fuller

We could not be more proud to be working alongside Bureo on The Ahi recycled skateboard deck through their Net Positivaprogram. Making skateboards from ocean pollution is a dream come true, and working with such forward thinking people has set an example for all of us. It is inspiring to see this group of brilliant, young and motivated individuals confident enough to leave their financially-secure corporate jobs after recognizing the potential their movement has to change our world and oceans. And through creative thinking and innovative engineering, their movement has grown beyond what we could have ever imagined!

Several years in the making, we are stoked to finally present the full story of Bureo and The Ahi, as told by the Bureo and Carver founders, via RedBull TV’s Creators of Tomorrow video concept: