Carver Night Pro with Carver Israel

Herzliya Skatepark, Herzliya, Israel | July 2018


In July, Carver Israel threw another rad specialty surfskate event, this time at the Herzliya skatepark in the Tel Aviv area. The nighttime contest was held from 8PM – 12AM with over 50 competitors fighting for prizes and local bragging rights. The three divisions at the event were U14, U18, and Girls U18.

During the event, Carver Israel highlighted the connection between riding Carver and surfing waves. And now that the Carver WaveBank has been installed at KSWC’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA, competitors were even more psyched to push their limits and progress their technique, seeing Carver’s presence at Surf Ranch Pro knowing well that training on Carver can translate directly to improved surfing. The fact that KSWC and WSL see value in having the Carver WaveBank adjacent to the wave basin is affirmation to all future athletes that this is the best land trainer you can use to improve your surfing.

The contest grows and evolves every year from performances to new competitor faces – all divisions showed amazing riding skills, and improvement from the prior years.


U14 Winner Ilay Buchan took 1st place, and took home a brand new 30.75″ USA Booster.


U18 Winner Yoav Bardo took top honors, and received a crispy 31″ Resin.


In the Girls U18 division it was Alma Aviram who placed 1st and won a new 29″ Swallow.


Special thanks to the amazing team that made this event successful:

Sports Division/City of Herzliya

Kookint – Start Somewhere

Mugo – Musico On The Go